Levitra - Bayer

/ interactive

A truly interactive Facebook app enhanced with print, web ad banners, and PR.


Bayer/Levitra's challenge was to make the uncomfortable topic of Erectile Disfunction in Hong Kong, comfortable.


Through interaction with Carrie, men are more open to hear the message 
and go along for the communication and dialogue.

Because Carries calls the participant and asks a question on the phone 
and then responds the experience seems more real.

The path goes from Facebook to phone, to SMS then into the store.


We teamed up with Ogilvy on this and programmed, project managed, and creatively enhanced at every step.


Carrie Bee Facebook page and photo posts.

Facebook app asks for age and mobile number to play.

Video loads your image and name and eventually she calls you.

At the end she sends an SMS where there is a link to a coupon.