"We took what we'd learned from years of big Agency experience and ran with it."

Creative Underground walks in step with the current media landscape. 

From our various specialisms - advertising, design, interactive and TV/film, we formed new kind of boutique that creates impactful and engaging messaging for brands and enterprises.

CU specializes in digital creative content, but our team provides the complete spectrum of strategic marketing solutions. From SMEs to major multinational, Creative Underground helps brands create meaningful dialogue.


Never bound by format, but only by our limitless imagination.

Asus - 'Find Your Zen'

Our strategy for the Asus Zenbook was for it to symbolize a lifestyle via an online/offline marketing journey. Our print, digital, social marketing and PR endeavors all pointed to the Find Your Zen webisodes, embracing a new trend of branding. Because of our teams experience, we can apply our traditional know how to this new kind of storytelling.

Bayer Levitra - 'Dear Good Boy'

A male targeted brand journey engaging them with a delicate topic, they interact with a Facebook app, augmented with PR, print, web ad banners, viral videos, and SMS with a link to a store coupon. Technological /Creative and production of the fb app was our contribution to the project.

Planet Tan - 'Feed your Ego'

Planet Tan is an upmarket salon amongst hundreds of generic spas, manicurists and mom-and-pop tanning shops in Dallas. They approached Creative Underground to develop a humorous ad campaign to help them stand out in their crowded market.

CU did more than that, we created a brand.